Happy ValenTater!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers out there!!

I wasn’t expecting much this year in the way of gifts for Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I have changed our lifestyle–and budgets–for the better.  Which doesn’t really lend to getting/giving gifts.  However, this year my husband surprised me when he walked in our front door with my favorite flowers.

wpid-20150213_161249.jpgNot only did he get me flowers, but he also got our 4 year old daughter a pink carnation.  It is proudly displayed on her desk in her room.

Now, I figured this was the extent of his generosity.  Believe me, this was way better than a few years ago when he brought me home a dead flower as a gift. However, I was mistaken in my assumption.

wpid-20150213_161157.jpgHe also gave me a letter which, literally, brought tears to my eyes. He can be the sweetest man alive when he wants to be.

Last but not least he wrapped up a special surprise for me.

His mother found a very off potato in her pantry.  My husband being the jokester he is, decided it would make a great Valentine’s Day present.  So now I am the proud owner of a ValenTater!wpid-20150213_161807.jpg

My only problem now is…

How should I cook it?


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