The Valentine’s Gift That Went Global!!

For Valentine’s Day I posted about the gifts my husband gave me.  Well, one of those gifts, The ValenTater, has now gone global.

My husband posted a picture of his gift to me on his Facebook page, and WIXY 100.3 out of Champaign, IL picked up the thread.  They spread the word about this spud of a gift.

Yesterday, I teased my husband about his gift to the point he set up an eBay auction for it (  After getting over 50 views, the radio station that helped spread the word emailed my husband asking if we wanted to do an interview.  Of course he said, “Yes.”

At 7 this morning they called and interviewed my husband and I about his odd choice in gifts and even mentioned it was for sale.  One of the hosts said he may buy it for his wife for her birthday.  This gag gift has turned into something I never expected.

Now that this gift has gotten so much attention, I’m sure my husband will be thinking of other weird things to buy me in the future.


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