Just Write It

As promised here is an update on some of my current works.

The other day I decided to take the #JustWriteIt challenge on Wattpad.  This month is the Spring Break edition and I immediately had an idea for a book.

Autumn's Break Book CoverIntroducing, “Autumn’s Break.”

Autumn Stevens is a single mother of twins. Between work, kids, and housework Autumn has never taken time for herself. With the kids going to their father’s for spring break Autumn decides this is the perfect time to have a break of her own.
Cashing in long over-due vacation time, making sure the kids get to their dad’s in one piece, and packing the trunk of her car to overflowing, Autumn heads out on a cross-country road trip.
Armed with a map of places she wants to see she soon finds out there are bound to be bumps along the road.

“Autumn’s Break” is for a 30-day writing challenge.  Write 10,000 words in 30-days, creating a short story about Spring Break.  We could write about something that happened to us, want to happen to us, or create our own Spring Break adventure.  So far I have written over 1,000 words and have 28-days to go.

Another book in the works is “Ariel.”

5724153-256-k699606Ariel Trinton has always longed to be a mermaid. She would watch “The Little Mermaid” over and over until the video wore out. Now she is living her dream…somewhat. She is an attraction at the Zoo and Aquatic Center in Las Vegas. She gets to put on her tail and swim around with the marine life for the viewing pleasure of tourists and families out for a day of fun. She thought her life was great until one night after a show. Ariel witnessed something horrific and grizzly, and is now being stalked by the person or persons who committed the obscene act.

Quitting her job and moving back to the east coast where her family lives she hoped the late night calls, the feeling of being followed–everything–would stop. They did for a few weeks, then one night the phone rang. That’s when it all started up again.

With no other option, she goes to the local authorities and pleads her case to the sexy, and dangerous looking, Detective Eric Shouner. Will the intriguing Detective be able to keep Ariel alive long enough to realize what she makes him feel? Or will the ones responsible for her leaving her old life get to her first?

The first chapter “Ariel” is up for viewing on Wattpad.

Unheard-new-cover_zps361e7510As for “Unheard,” there is really nothing new to report on that front.  It’s been weeks since I worked on it.  It’s in ‘limbo mode’ at the moment, and I really don’t like the feeling.

I need a Panera Bread fix to get my mojo going.  I’m so close to finishing the last few chapters of “Unheard” I can almost taste it.

I know some of my readers are getting frustrated with the wait time between updates, but there is really nothing I can do to speed things along.

It’s a miracle I am even able to post a blog, let alone take the time to work on a story.

That’s what I love about the Wattpad 30-day challenge.  It’s forcing me to write, and to find the time to do it.

Right now the kids are busy playing their games or coloring.  For once I’m not hearing the constant chant of , “Mom. Mom. Mom.”  It’s bliss.

Well, take a look at my works, and don’t forget to leave feedback.  I’m always up for constructive criticism on my books.

Happy Reading!


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