Who is My Target Audience?

Well it’s Day 4 for Bogging 101.  Our challenge this time?

“Publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.” -Blogging 101

I would guess my ideal audience would be the ones who read my books.

I am an unknown in the publishing world, so my audience is very limited.  The only people who seem to read my stories are my followers on Wattpad.  Most of them are teenagers who don’t really follow blogs.  But hey, I could be wrong.

I would love to expand my target audience.  My problem?  I have no idea how.

I’ve created Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and— of course—this blog.

My Facebook page has posts about other authors.  Their promotions, release dates and upcoming events.  My Twitter account has tweets from my Wattpad updates and retweets I’ve posted about other author’s accomplishments.

Lately, it seems that I am posting more about others than myself.  I’m hoping to use this blog to post more about my previous or upcoming works, my issues with writing, and anything interesting about me as a writer.

I’ll be posting later on about a new book I’m working as a challenge on Wattpad, and a teaser for a book in progress.

Until then Happy Reading!


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