Book News

In a previous post, I mentioned that I am participating in the #JustWriteIt challenge on Wattpad.  Well, I’m 1 week in and only have just over 1,000 words written.  I’m supposed to have 10,000 words for my short story by the end of my 30 day challenge.  So far, I am severely behind in my work.

I did however get some more work done on my suspenseful-romance novel, “Ariel.”  I’m halfway through finishing the next chapter and hope to have it posted on the Wattpad site soon.

The third book in my Bound Trilogy is slow going.  I know where I want the trilogy to end up but getting there is giving me fits.  I’ve had to rewrite Chapter 15 several times.  For some reason I keep killing off all my main characters (Not very conducive to a good book).  Oh well, I’ll get there eventually.

The first 2 books in the trilogy will only be available to read for free on Wattpad for a short time.  By the end of March they will be whittled down to samples.  In order to read the full book, it will have to be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iBooks, Google Playstore, Kindle, or Xlibris.  They are available in paperback and e-book format.

In other news, I did an interview with one of the readers on Wattpad.  That was a few weeks ago, and I’m still waiting to see it posted on their profile page.  I’ll have to be a little more patient.  Most of my readers on Wattpad are still in school.  I remember how it was when I was still in school.  You have friends, family, work, tests, and lots of other distractions.  If the interview never gets posted, I will try to not let it get to me.  After all, my answers may not have been that interesting to the interviewer.

Back to the grind for me.  I have to get as much writing in while my son is still sleeping and my daughter is busy playing with her Legos.  We’ll see how long my writing streak can last.  Stopwatch anyone?


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