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Leah has been kept in the dark her entire life. Literally. In fact, Leah is not even her real name. She has no clue what her real name is. After being abused her entire life, and permanently silenced, she escapes only to get hit by a car. She awakens only to not know who she is or what has happened to her.

Devin is the Alpha of a small, but strong pack. He’s late getting to work to cover for his Beta when he hits a young girl in the road. To his surprise this slip of a girl turns out to be his mate!

Can these two get over these hurdles to live happily ever after? Or will something dark from Leah’s past come back and destroy everything she has found and holds dear?

Available on,, and in paperback and ebook.


Emily was like any other…

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72 Pounds Gone And Never Coming Back – My Weight Loss Story

I’m so proud of my husband and the journey he has taken to a better healthier life.

Diary of a Healthier Dad

Not sure what to blog about today everything is good on the home front so I’ll share a little bit of my weight loss story.

Last October I went to the doctor for a back problem and I got the wake up call that I desperately needed. I was depressed to find out I weighed 320 pounds it’s still embarrassing to admit that! I’ve always been a big guy but never payed attention to my weight or my overall health for that matter. I also found out my blood pressure and blood work was not good to say the least. The nurse even said and I quote “Your playing Russian roulette and you don’t even know it.” I was warned the doctor was going to chew me out, that didn’t really happen but I was put on blood pressure medicine and encouraged to lose some weight to help with my…

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Has this ever happened to you?

Okay, so I was sitting at home thinking about my book.

Ah, who am I kidding? I was reading, while listening to my husband watch wrestling.


I was sitting there when…BAM…there’s this letter on my computer screen! Let me tell you, I was completely freaked out. I mean, I understand computers have pop-ups and things like that, but come on. Who has ever had a letter pop up from one of their characters?

I’m serious. This letter:


popped up on my screen.

After the initial shock, I read the letter. I know I haven’t worked on my book in a while, but please. I have a life outside of the computer. I can’t put my kids on hold and say, “Sorry, my characters are getting antsy and want to be freed from the mind numbing boredom of limbo.” It wouldn’t be fair to them.

After all of this, all I have to say is, “Jack. If you’re stuck, sedated, in a hospital, then how the Hell did you write me a letter?”



Wish Upon a Moon


Tonight–or should I say morning–was the time of the Blood Moon.  An occurrence that happens during a Lunar Eclipse. I stayed up specifically to see this event.  The last time I had seen the Blood Moon was several years ago while shopping with my husband at Walmart.

I don’t know what it is, but I have always had a fascination with the moon.

When I lived on my own, I would come home late from work, stand on my back porch, and watch the night sky fly by.  Mainly, I looked at the moon. Wondering, waiting, wishing.

In most fairy tales the characters would wish upon a star. Me? I would wish upon the moon.

I never wished for anything in particular.  Maybe that’s why most of my wishes never came true.

One night however, eight years ago, I wished a special wish.  I wished to meet someone who could love me for who I am. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Someone to love them for who, not what, they are? I had come home from a particularly grueling day at work, and felt so…lonely.  So I stood on my back porch, staring up at the face of the moon, and wished I had someone to share these moments with.

Someone must have heard my wish.  Not two months later, I received a call.

Not just any call. But a call that would change my life forever.

One of my co-workers had given my number to her son. He called me and asked me to dinner. I said ‘yes’ thinking there was no harm in going out to dinner with someone. The night of the date, I met him at the restaurant. I was lonely, not stupid.

By the end of dinner, I was smitten.  We ended up going to a movie, and driving all over.  We even stopped at a Walmart where he bought me a tea pot–something I said I wanted in passing conversation.

The end of the night ended with a hug outside my apartment, but I knew I would see him again. Two and a half months later, we were married.  We now have two children, a dog, and a home of our own.

So when people say to ‘wish upon a star,’ I say ‘wish upon a moon.’

Midnight Writing


Writing itself is a full time job. Add two kids, a husband, a dog, and a house to keep and you end up working round the clock.

Writing my first book was a fluke. During the month of December 2012, I found myself unable to sleep. My daughter was having issues with staying in her own bed through the night. As a result, I had severe insomnia for most of the month.

Needing something to do during those long, lonely, hours, I turned to Wattpad. But instead of reading the many wonderful books others had posted, I decided to try my hand at one myself.

I posted the first chapter that night, and within a few minutes I had my first readers. I was stunned.

I never thought, never in a million years, that someone would want to read what I had written. Turns out, over a year later, that almost 3,000 people enjoyed, not just that first attempt, but all my writings afterwards.

I now have two published works, and a third work in progress–with ideas for many others.

And to think, I owed all this to a night of midnight writing.